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Start to Golf is an initiative of the VVG (Vlaamse Vereniging voor Golf) with the aim of opening up the world of golf to all. If you do not know how the world of golf works, it can be difficult to find your way. With this initiative, the VVG aims to provide more information to beginners about how to start with the sport of golf.
Start to Golf is on the main website ( where people can follow a range of information, which enables them to discover the easiest way to start playing golf.
In addition to Golf on the Road, where the initiations were given outside the golf clubs, the project Start to Golf takes place inside the golf club.

Background Details
Playing golf is fun, but if you do not know anything about the world of golf and you also do not have anyone to ask questions about it, it can be difficult to find the right way. That is why the VVG (Vlaamse Vereniging for Golf) started the program, Start to Golf.

On the Start to Golf-day around 4,000 participants had their first introduction to the game. Of this number, 12% immediately obtained a package to start playing golf the following week.

Level of Success
                                   +                                                                      -                                   
1) Easy to learn program
2) The Start to Golf book (promotion)
3) 12% of the participants bought the same day
    a golf-package
4) An average of 30 participating golf courses,
    which is more than 50% of the total golf
    courses in Vlaanderen (Belgium)
1) €100,- for the standard golf-package. Could be
    a barrier for some people

Start to Golf is about a number of initiatives, which are part of a package which introduce the participants to the the sport of golf.  The standard Golf-package includes: one month membership, insurance, 4 lessons with a golf professional, the use of the facilities, clubs and golf balls. All for the price of € 100,00.

To give publicity to Start to Golf, every year the VVG organizes, together with 30 golf clubs, a Start to Golf-day. On this day visitors can follow an introductory session free of charge. Thanks to a huge multi-media campaign and the Bring a Golfer-action (where by golfers can invite their non-golfing friends), on this day around 4,000 participants take part in their first initiation session. From this number, 12% immediately receives a package enabling them to start playing golf the following week.

In 2011 this project will be increased to specific target groups - Start to Golf for students, Start to Golf for kids, etc.

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