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The easiest and quickest way to learn how to play golf and have fun, that's what SNAG® is all about. The name is an acronym for Start New At Golf and that's exactly what it does, plus much more.

This site will tell you all about the equipment and how to use it as well as how the whole family can have some brilliant fun with it. That's the greatest thing about SNAG®, anyone can play golf anywhere, in the park or playground, at the beach or on the moors and heath lands.

If you already a golfer you'll love this fun way of playing your favourite game and if you've never picked up a golf club before this is the best way to get started.

The larger clubs and larger ball mean that the game has never been easier to learn, you can create your own games and even design your very own golf holes using the various targets that are available.

Background Details

IGD Vision

"International Golf Development (IGD) is dedicated to growing participation in golf by creating an environment that provides easy access for all. IGD provides a pathway and structure that enables players to learn and have fun so they can enjoy a lifetime in golf".

 The IGD coaching programmes provide a complete and comprehensive system that enables anyone to take up the sport of golf and acquire a golfing education.  IGD first touch programmes use the most effective coaching tools and system available to coaches. The SNAG (Start New at Golf) system, make "Skills Acquisition" and the learning of golf easy, more fun and above all enjoyable.  This element will ensure a proper introduction for all golfers.


Level of Success

  •  Light, fun and coloured materials
  •  Play and learn anyhere
  •  SNAG makes golf easier and more fun
  •  Good clear website, where you could also buy SNAG materials
  •  Low entry barriers


The equipment is fun, brightly coloured and easy to use, it can be used by the very young and the more elderly, it is a fabulous teaching and learning aid and definitely not a toy. There's more detail on exactly how and why the equipment is so effective at creating new golfers throughout this site, so take some time to learn how you can start your campaign to take on the top pros.

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