Slovenia Plays Golf

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‘Slovenia Plays Golf Program' is an initiative of the Slovenian Golf Association to promote the game in Slovenia and Hungary. This system has made playing golf more accessible by obtaining a license to play at 99€ which allows you to play at golf clubs. A newcomer will now be issued a 54 handicap after he completes a combination of golf rules and practical training.  


Golf Association of Slovenia started this program in April 2011 in close cooperation with the Slovenian courts and certified teachers.


The program which only started in April already has 1800 new players enrolled around 18 centres.  By the end of the year they expect atleast a 1000 players to become golf club members.

The Trnovo, Ljubljana golf course has been very successful with newcomers taking on this package.



Training program (golf skills acquisition) fast, especially at extremely affordable price, an official license to start playing golf
Package supported by full country/federation
Good for promoting golf and awareness
Increase in golf club memberships


You have to become a Golf club member the season after you complete your program.
Some may find a 100€ expensive


- Four hours of theoretical part (lectures and labels in the rules of golf)
- Eight hours of practise & practical training by a professional teacher
- Green fee allowance for 9 holes
- Administration and issuing of licensing for the year
- Training centres where the campaign is "Slovenia plays golf":

Players must collect three signatures for playing thrice at 9 holes. If they played 18 holes they get two signatures. They must be accompanied by a good player who tells them the rules and gives tips.

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