"I love the game of golf and believe we have a unique opportunity right now to grow our sport. There are few bigger traditionalists than me, but I realize we need to start thinking out of the box. With so many sports and activities fighting for the time and attention of families, we need to think of ways to make our game more attractive and thus more inviting, especially to children and young adults."
-Jack Nicklaus-

"The R&A is committed to growing the game and spends up to £5 million pounds annually on initiatives aimed at getting more people to play golf and to join clubs. Put simply, we want to see more people playing more golf more often."
- R&A / Duncan Weir (Director of Golf Development) -

"Golf can be a sport for all and a sport for life. The PGA Professional is essential to the development of golf as it is they who introduce and develop the skills required to enjoy the game and as such the PGAs of Europe is widely acknowledged as a lead body in the delivery of golf development expertise. Making golf accessible and fun are central to successfully growing the game and we are committed to ensuring that each country in Europe has suitably qualified PGA Professionals and Coaches who can lead the advancement of the game."
- PGA of Europe / Ian Randell (Chief Executive of the PGA's of Europe) -

"International Golf Development (IGD) is dedicated to growing participation in golf by creating an environment that provides easy access for all. IGD provides a pathway and structure that enables players to learn and have fun so they can enjoy a lifetime in golf."
- International Golf Development / David Gosling FPGA (Head of Programmes) -

"To allow England to become the leading golfing nation in the world by providing more opportunities for participants to start, stay and succeed in the game."
- EGU England Golf Partnership / Richard Flint (Golf Development Manager) -

"Grow the game of golf through using the strengths of our sport as handicaps, healthy, outdoor, green, worldwide."
- Dutch Golf Federation / Jeroen Stevens (Director)

"There is no doubt that one of the most important elements that the golf industry needs to address is the constant need to attract new people into the game - people of all ages, from all backgrounds and from all walks of life. The sharing of ideas, initiatives and innovative solutions is a key function of the CMAE, and we are delighted to support the EGCOA in this project."
- Club Managers Association of Europe / Jerry Kilby (Chief Executive Officer) -

"Although the game of golf has been around for more than one hundred years on the continent, there is still tremendous potential for development. Indeed, statistics show that in my current home country of Germany, only 0.7% of the population play golf. We need to continue to make every effort to develop the sport at the grass roots level, continue to introduce children to this great game and address the constraints on time that the modern family has today. As every one of us, that has the privilege of calling ourselves golfers, knows, it is well worth it."
- EIGCA / David Krause (President) -

'Develop the golfer, develop the person, develop the sport'
- Golf Union Wales / Zoe Tracker (Golf Development Officer - South Wales) -

"I have just taken some time to review the EGCOA's Grow the Game initiative and its corresponding website- it is very impressive! The EGCOA has done its homework and developed an easy to navigate, attractive and informative site that we can all turn to as we continue our efforts to ‘Grow the Game'."
- GCBAA Foundation / Annette Kracke -

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