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Flying Eagle Pilates has developed a core training workout geared specifically towards golfers, and it is based on fundamental Pilates principles. The Flying Eagle Pilates: Golf workout helps golfers achieve a better posture, alignment, core control, and flexibility, providing them with more power and control from the tee. Another key component of the Pilates golf workout is injury prevention.


MASTER TEACHERS Gayla Zukevich and Kathryn Finney have been colleagues since 1996 and have a combined 50 years of teaching experience.


Together they have trained numerous students that include elite athletes and dancers. In 2005, Todd Rosenlieb, Artistic Director of TRDance, invited them to co-direct and oversee the Teacher Training and Certification Program of Pilates@TRDance.



Imporves flexibility
Prevents injuries
Fundamental Pilates principles like strength, stretch and control will provide the tools you need to lower your scores.
Good way for golf clubs to market their club.


Hard to find professional trainers of pilates
Players may be think it's a waste of time


The workout is simple, easy to follow and learn, and easy to incorporate into your workout regimen. The workout is organized into three 10-minute segments:

Beginner Workout-10 minutes!
Intermediate Workout-10 minutes! 
Warm up on the Tee-10 minutes!
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