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Do you want to create the perfect family golf outing but are nervous about where your family can play that will be fun for everyone's ability? The PGA of America and U.S. Kids Golf launched the PGA Family Course Program, a nationwide initiative that makes golf more enjoyable for families, regardless of age and ability.

The PGA Family Course Program:
• Makes golf more enjoyable for players new to game
• Establishes a beginner-friendly short course within any existing golf facility
• Provides a simple transition as each player's ability increases
• Enables players of varying abilities to shoot similar scores
• Encourages parents and kids to play golf together

Background Details
The PGA Family Course is part of the Play Golf America growth-of-the-game initiative, which is launched in 2004.

Result PGA Family Course (and similar programs) in 2009:
- Facilities: 540
- Average Consumers per facility: 492 rounds
- Financial Impact per facility: $ 6.400

540 facilities reported offering the PGA Family Course or similar short course programs.
- Averaged 492 rounds at $ 13
- Facilities realized $ 6.400 in golf fees

Level of Success

                                   +                                                                       -                                   
1) Much participating golf courses
2) Friendly short course for the whole family
3) Positive impact to business at the
    facility level
4) At least 500.000 participants in 2009
5) Easy to implement for golf courses
1) Some courses may have restrictions when this
    program is available

Note: Some courses may offer this program with a different set of tees. Some courses may also have restrictions when this program is available.

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