National Open Golf Days


During the National Open Golf Day you are introduced to one of the most extended sports, and totally free of charge. On the National Open Golf Day, golf courses are open to anyone who has an interest in golf. The National Open Golf day is the day you can hit your first golf ball and learn more about playing golf.

Background Details
The National Open Golf Day is an initiative by the NVG (Dutch Federation for Golf Venues), NGF (Dutch Golf Federation), PGA of Holland and the National Sports Week. However, this initiative has been adapted and reintegrated by other countries including France, Belgium and Denmark.

Data collected from the Dutch Open Golf Days.

In 2010 the National Open Golf Days had more than 13,250 visitors. During the National Open Golf Day golf clubs received 150 visitors per club in average.

In 2011 the National Open Golf Days received 7.500 visitors in 112 golf courses

In 2012 the National Open Golf Days received 9.000 visitors in 130 golf courses

In 2013 the National Open Golf Days recieved 10.000 visitors in 147 golf courses

Level of Success



Nationally well communicated

Profitability if people coming back

Golf courses free to make their own program during this day

Very quick way to get as many new potential golfers on your course


Registrations previously to calculate the number of visitors

Agreeing with other golf clubs on a National date is challenging



What can you expect on the Open Golf day?
Basic golf skills are explained by professionals. You can also take part in different clinics, contests or even follow the beginners-course. In the clubhouse you can obtain more information about memberships, beginners-courses, getting a golf license, the possibility of playing golf, and of course, a cup of coffee!

Potential activities for the Open Golf day
- Guided tours through the whole golf complex
- Golf shop: golf equipment explanation; book a golf lesson or round of golf







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