Golf on the Road

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With the project Golf on the Road, the VVG aims to introduce the game of golf to as broad an audience as possible. ´Golf on the Road´ is an event which takes place under the guidance of professional golf trainers. The trainers explain the basics of golf with a lot of fun involved.

In Vlaanderen (Belgium) you can find the VVG at 50 sporting events with a course where you can be introduced to the basics of the game, such as: putting, chipping and the swing. A lot of fun and enthusiasm will be felt when you hit the ball with high speed into the nets.

The goal of the project is to introduce as many people as possible to the sport of golf. Young people as well as seniors are able to benefit from this program.

Background Details
The VVG started the Golf on the Road program in 2004, to promote golf as a sport. On average 700 visitors visit the event. On a yearly basis, around 12,000 people hit their first golf ball as part of this project.

On an annual basis over 25,000 children and adults get the chance to hold a golf club and hit a golf ball. 

Level of Success



1) Anywhere to organize (city, beach,
    indoor, etc)
2) A fun way to get introduced with
    the golf sport
3) Very low entry barriers
4) Totally for free (No profit for VVG)

1) Only 2/5 active participants
2) Not very profitable


How does it work?

At different sporting events you can find the VVG with the following practice stations:
- Swing: practice spectacular long shots in the VVG-swing tunnel
- Short game: you can practice small chip shots and putting on the station for short strokes. Test yourself and your
friends and see who gets the golf ball with the slightest strokes into the hole.
- B-golf: through simple and attractive materials you are able to study as a beginner. Spectacular, safe and nice are the
keywords. You can go through a few holes and see if maybe you are the new Tiger Woods...

Attendants of Golf on the Road
The Golf on the Road days are guided by sport technical employees of the VVG, supported by a minimum of two
attendants. The attendants have the following work to do:
- Guiding the participants
- Make sure the learning environment is safe
- Translate the knowledge, skills and competence with relation to the sport of golf

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