Get Your Handicap Month

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In the Netherlands there are a lot of golfers who don't play that much. Getting your golf license could get you to play more golf. The people also have to register themselves as a member at a golf club, which creates loyalty. The transfer from a handicap registration to a membership of a golf club will be more easy.

Background Details

In the Netherlands we grow with golfers, who do not play golf. The target is to generate more rounds of golf. We will do this by first doing a pilot on three golf courses in the Netherlands, organised by the NVG. Next year the project will be national.


There are 124 registrations for a new handicap registration in one month, on about 2000 played rounds of golf (by greenfee players without  a handicap)

Level of Success

  • - Active communication by the golf courses
  • - Active stimulus by reception employees and golf license examiners and professional golfers


  • - Instructions of how you can receive your golf license
  • - Promotion materials
  • - Instructions for the reception employees
  • - Professional golfers should draft a get your golf license program

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