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"Flogton" ("not golf," backward). The Alternative Golf Association launched its Project Flogton in January 2011 and got the golf world abuzz.  They do believe strongly that it is time for the golf world to legitimize a second, more playable game that lowers the barriers to golf, but does not lower the standards or competitive spirit.  The AGA/Project Flogton's mission is to grow golf for everyone by embracing innovative and entrepreneurial solutions. Flogton is about having fun and providing an incentive to play a bit more on the golf course.


Back Ground

Commissioner Scott McNealy, Founder Bob Zider and Pat Gallagher CEO  of FLOGTON shared their observations about the lack of growth in the golf industry and presented a vision and a plan to a group of industry opinion leaders at the annual PGA Show in Orlando where FLOGTON was launched.


Visitors have come to Flogton.com from 66 countries. Not surprisingly, those with the keenest interest are the ones with large financial investments in the game: golf course owners/operators, equipment companies and course designers and architects. 

Level of Success


Good player development program (Use Flogton to transition new golfers onto the golf course).
Very innovative and fun
Easy to play


Flogton has be accused of  "disruptive" and "radical''.
Flogton players could fill tee times late on a Saturday afternoon, or play an emergency nine. Make them welcome --
bonus green fees!
Relax your dress code. The no-jeans rule is antiquated and alienates young people for whom that is the daily uniform.
Flogton players should be paired with golfers. 
Flogton has a set of instructions but they are not rules.

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