Family Golf Month

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During one month of the year, the Family Golf Month, golf courses will offer a series of programs for you to learn and play golf as a family.

Go to any course this season, and soon realize that playing golf, even in your hometown, may be the perfect vacation. It is hard to imagine a better family activity than golf. Take your family golfing and enjoy a day outside:
- Walking through beautiful rolling fairways,
- Sipping on some cool lemonade,
- Sharing special conversation, and
- Simply spending quality time with each other.

Background Details
The Family Golf Month is part of the Play Golf America growth-of-the-game initiative, which is launched in 2004.

Results 2010:
- National promotions:
  o Facilities: 1,250
  o Average golfers per facility site: 78,6
  o Median incremental sales per facility: $1,460
- Consumer Profiles:
  o New consumers: 35%
  o New golfers/beginners: 26%
  o Men/women/juniors: 31%, 15%, 54%
- Business generators; consumer retention rates following promotions
  o Instruction: 22%
  o Tee times: 31%
  o Equipment: 19%
  o Leagues: 6%
  o Memberships: 4%

Level of Success

                                   +                                                                        -                                     
1) The impact to business at the facility level
2) Huge reach; 98.250 golfers on average
3) Excellent activity for the whole family
1) The golf courses have to organize several
    programs on their course

Golf courses in target markets will be offering several programs on their course.

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