Bring Your Kids to the Golf Range

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Bring your Kids to the Golf Range is a month-long promotion held in July to promote golf as a fun, family activity as well as increasing frequency of play among golfers as a family unit.

In today's world, it seems like people don't have the time to play a traditional round of golf. As a result, Play Golf America provides families with numerous options to enjoy the great game of golf, yet not commit to playing a full 18 holes. A great family activity can be to go to a near-by golf range and hit a few buckets of balls. From learning to grip the club to a high-tech lesson, going to the range can be a great day or night out for families.

To make this easier, golf ranges across the country will be participating in "Bring Your Kids to the Golf Range."

Background Details
The Bring your Kids to the Golf Range is an initiative of the Play Golf America.

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Level of Success

                                   +                                                                       -                                   
1) Great day or night out for families
2) Easy to participate; no need of registration
3) Very low entry barriers
4) Easy to implement for golf courses
1) Golf courses should organize everything
    themselves to make it a success 

Program Elements
To be an official host facility, PGA Professionals and Operators should offer:
• Special offers on range ball purchases for families
• Consider hosting family clinics, contests and other events
• Promote Get Golf Ready and other next step programs

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