Sunset Greens Fee

This initiative is helping break down barriers to playing golf by utilizing a "dead" time to allow people to experience the game at a reasonable rate. The Sunset Greens Fee is a result of this idea.
After 6 p.m. each day, people are allowed to pay $ 10 and walk as many holes as they could get in before dark. The goal of the initiative is to get people out whether they played three holes, five holes or nine holes.
Most of the people who took advantage of the program were women and juniors. However a number of the club's 300 members brought their grandchildren to introduce them to the game.

Background Details
The initiative is introduced by Sawmill Golf Course in Fenwick, Ontario (USA).

An estimate of more than 30 people took advantage of the special each day, which translated into an additional $ 300 in daily greens fees.
Many participants also purchased merchandise from the pro shop and stayed for a drink or dinner after their round. Even more impressive, the program cost Sawmill nothing to implement. No advertising was utilized, aside from a few posters printed from the computer and hung in the pro shop and around the club. The pro shop staff had to stay an hour longer, but schedules were structured so that they accrued no overtime.

Level of Success

                                   +                                                                      -                                  
1) Very little work to organize this initiative
2) Increasing the turnover in peak-off time
3) Play golf at a very reasonable rate
1) With more advertising you can reach many more 
    potential participants

To help ensure the program ran smoothly, tee times were taken up to seven days in advance. Individuals or twosomes were matched with other players to create as many foursomes as possible.
The staff was even able to get groups out at shorter tee time intervals because most of the players were beginners and weren't concerned about pace of play. Potential goodwill aside, the "Sunset Greens Fee" program helped Sawmill generate incremental revenue at a time when most golfers were finishing their round.

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