Golf Student Associations


The golf student associations in the Netherlands are an attractive target group for golf clubs as they are starting to grow in the Netherlands and more interest for golf among the youngsters arises. There are eight associations and a total of approximately 1000 members playing in different golf courses of the Netherlands.

The golf student associations regularly organize a monthly tournament at the club where they are based. During that day the students have the opportunity to play a nice round of golf.
Once a month they also organize a group lesson with a golf-pro that helps them improving their the game and clarifying their doubts about it. These lessons are included in their membership package.
The major anual activity is organized by the National Golf Student Association is the National Student Open. During the event all the student associations come together at the three-day tournament that is played at one of the associations' home course.

Special Membership?

The student membership depends on the golf course they are based. Some courses offer memberships for 3 months, 6 months and a full year. The prices for these memberships vary depending on the golf club.
Having one of the offered memberships is not enough, students are also obliged to pay an admission fee to the association, approximately 50 euros a year. Being a member of an association offer the students a lot of advantages and discounts. The most important ones are listed below:

  • Free access to practice facilities
  • Possibility to subscribe for GVB course (Golf license for The Netherlands and Belgium)
  • 50% discount on Green fees
  • Discounted prices for professional golf lessons. (Some clubs give the students a free monthly group lesson)
  • Free handicap registration with Dutch Golf Federation (NGF)
  • Free membership of Dutch Student Golf Association (NSGV)
  • Free subscription to Golfers Magazine
  • Discounted drinks at the bar of the club
  • Free monthly tournament

 Level of Success


1-Attracts young Players
2-Possibility to introduce the game to a new target
3-Students are constantly looking for Leisure activities

1- There must be universities around to make an offer
2- The club depends on a University to create an Association.


  • Contact the local university and tell them about the idea
  • Encourage students to create an association
  • When the association is created, offer them attractive membership packages
  • Keep them involve by inviting them to events
  • Offer discounts


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