Points4golf is a new membership scheme introduced at Rye Hill Golf Club in 2005. This membership model is designed to improve cost efficiency and created to suit today's time driven society.



Why the use of Points4Golf?

The average number of rounds played by the 5 million golfers in Britain is 6 per year. For the vast majority of golfers an annual fee is not cost effective. For instance, the annual fee £910 - play 20 rounds, cost per round = £45.50

Points4Golf membership gives all the benefits that are associated with being a member of a golf club: participation in ALL club events, levy card discount and advanced bookings.



On an average Rye Hill golf club receives 160 new golfers that opt for this option every year. The distribution of the memberships of the club is: 700 Points4Golf users and 100 members with the full membership.


How does it Work?

Introductory membership starts at only £99.00. This is an initial option only and is designed for the infrequent golfer to 'try out' the membership. When the golfers points run low they can simply 'top up' their points with a variety of options.


Levels of Success

+ Increase the number of golfers= Increase of Revenue

+ Easy to use

+ Cost effective

+ Flexible



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