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The Play Golf card offers newcomers in Schleswig-Holstein the opportunity to play golf without proof of club membership in various golf clubs across Schleswig-Holstein. With the completed DGV handicap and the new Play Golf card for € 29,00 a year, it gives access to around 30 golf courses in Schleswig-Holstein.
The new Play Golf *- offer starts with immediate effect and will help golf beginners to gain access to the sport. Participating golf courses in Schleswig - Holstein grant Play Golf *- cardholders regular possibility against green fee . The only prerequisite : The golf novices must have their DGV place permission when they first purchase the card gained more than 24 months before the date of purchase.

Background Details
Kerstin Bornholdt , Managing the GISH explains the new Play Golf *- concept: "With our product, we want to appeal to golfers, who are normally tied after the completion of their handicap, but who have no home club or who want to bind or simply can . With the Play Golf *- card we offer - not a simple and cost-effective introduction to the sport . For golf beginners it is a great way to test different clubs in Schleswig- Holstein for the price of a regular green fee. For golf clubs , this card offers the opportunity to increase revenue from green fees and attract new members and long-term loyalty. "

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Level of Success

                                   +                                                                      -                                  
1) There are 31 participating golf courses
2) Very easy and simple to get introduced to golf 
3) Easy to buy (internet)
4) You do not need to buy a club membership
5) Additional revenue in the Pro-Shop, Restaurant,
1) Only available in the Schleswig-Holstein 
    distict in Germany 
2) Appears cheap; but you also have to pay
    the normal green fee price
3) No handicap registration

The Play Golf* -card is valid for one calendar year and can be re-newed each year. You can buy the card online by filling in the order form.

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