Pink Ribbon Tournaments 



Pink Ribbon tournaments are grassroots programs that work to spread awareness about breast cancer through volunteer organized golf. Pink Ribbon tournaments were created to empower people to take action in the fight against breast cancer by educating women about the disease and reminding them to get their annual screening to ensure early detection. Pink Ribbon tournaments are a great opportunity to engage the female players to your golf club.

Why Pink Ribbon tournament?

Women are important targets for golf clubs; however, golf clubs sometimes struggle to keep them interested and motivated to play golf. Pink Ribbon is an initiative that encourages women to play for a good cause.
These tournaments can be organized twice a year or more, this depends on the demand of the participants. When organizing these tournaments Golf clubs should encourage female golfers to take part in the organization of the tournaments as they are the main reason these kind of tournaments are organized.


Since 1990s Pink Ribbon has been organizing events to connote awareness and support towards breast cancer.


Levels of Success

+ Engages the female community

+ Playing golf for a good cause encourages people

+ Integration of women in the club creates unity


  • Select date of the tournament
  • Select the format of the tournament
  • Invite participants to the tournament
  • Collect fees
  • Spread the awareness message

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