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During the month of May, participating PGA and LPGA Professionals provide free 10-minute lessons and/or family clinics designed to help golfers improve their game.

Background Details
The PGA Free Lesson Month is part of the Play Golf America growth-of-the-game initiative, which launched in 2004.

The PGA Free Lesson Month has been the best national promotion to attract new golfers (57 percent). As a part of the PGA Free Lesson Month, the professionals were cross-promoted, and they reported giving nearly 800 10-minute lessons to individuals with disabilities.

Results 2010:
- National promotions:
   o Facilities: 4.754 PGA Professionals
   o Average golfers per facility site: 15
   o Median incremental sales per facility: $1.460
- Consumer Profiles:
   o New consumers: 57%
   o New golfers/beginners: 23%
   o Men/women/juniors: 61%, 27%, 12%
- Business generators; consumer retention rates following promotions
   o Instruction: 28%
   o Tee times: 41%
   o Equipment: 18%
   o Leagues: 5%
   o Memberships: 3%

Level of Success
                                   +                                                                      -                                  
1) Sponsors (6)
2) The impact to business at the facility level
3) Best national promotion of Play Golf
    America to attract new golfers
4) It's free to participate
1) 10-minute lesson is very short; you have to
    make the people enthusiastic for golf in
    a very short time period

Ten Things You Can Learn in a 10-Minute Lesson
1.) How to get your backswing in synch
2.) How to improve your tempo to add distance
3.) How to know if your swing is one- or two-plane
4.) How to use distance control to avoid three-putts
5.) How to read breaking putts for grain and slope
6.) How to align your ball to be a more accurate putter
7.) How to switch your focus from line to speed before you putt
8.) How to "bounce" your wedge through the sand
9.) How to hit high, soft sand shots to tight pins
10.) How to hit the tricky long bunker shot

10 Things You Can Learn in 10 Minutes,
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PGA Free Lesson Month press release, click here.

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