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School Club Links is a government funded initiative aimed at delivering a co-ordinated junior golf program in school and clubs as part of the national Physial Education and Sport Strategy for Young People (PESSYP) strategy. In golf, this is delivered through ‘Golf Roots'. The key challenge is to ensure that young people can progress from school based activity into regular club activity. The England Golf Partnership has defined a School Club ‘link' as a written commitment between a School Sport Partnership and a golf club that has achieved GolfMark club accreditation or is working towards GolfMark (to be achieved within 2 years). Other Golf Roots Centres are also invited to enhance the link by working alongside the GolfMark facility and offering further coaching and playing opportunities.

Background Details
PESSYP School Club Links is part of the Golf Roots and an initiative of the Golf Foundation.

There are currently 150 School Club Link projects in England bringing School Sport Partnerships and accredited golf clubs together. The impact of the PESSYP project is measured by a school sport survey. Six years ago, in 2004, only 14% were doing golf, now in 2010 44% is doing golf.

Level of Success

                                     +                                                                        -                                   
1) The coaching and playing opportunities for the
2) The teachers are educated
3) There are already 150 School Club Link projects

There are various roles involved with the PESSYP School Club Links program:
- The Role of the Regional Development Officers (RDOs)
- The Role of the School Sport Partnership Coordinator
- The Role of the Club Coordinator
- The Development Plan and Grant Award

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