Over 45's Project

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A project offering taster sessions to people aged 45 years and over who have never played golf or who would like to get back into the sport. The sessions provide an opportunity for people to keep fit and be active.  County Golf Partnerships (CGPs) are an integral part of the Whole Sport Plan for Golf and the England Golf Partnership (EGP).


County Golf Partnerships (CGPs) are an effective and structured way to support the development of golf within a county. A CGP involves the Men's County Union, Ladies' County Association and County PGA working together to combine knowledge, best practices and resources. They are committed to a significant level of funding from 2009 to 2013 to support core activities, County Development Officers, coaching and coach development within the counties.



  • 4 facilities participated.
  • 24 adults participated.
  • 24 attended further coaching.



Keeping fit and focusing on the social element of the game.
Coaches PGA Qualified.
Targeted to a certain group
Counties are supported financially.


Some players may not like to be tagged at the above 45 age group
The coach might find it difficult dealing with everyone much older and very successful


Trial membership packages.
Packages priced and structured based on coaching sessions (individual or group).
Format of session - Group coaching sessions for up to 10 adults held during evenings and weekends.
Equipment to be available and dress codes to be relaxed.
Plan and promote around televised golfing events.

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