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The LoyalTee Club is exactly what the name says: a loyalty program for golfers who often play on BurgGolf courses, but who do not want to become a member of the golf club. The LoyalTee Club is created to provide the ‘free golfer' a product, which is not otherwise available on the market: a virtual golf club with handicap registration and green fee profits. This is still the basis for the LoyalTee Membership, but more and more advantages have been added over the last few years.

Background Details
The LoyalTee Club is an initiative of BurgGolf, which started in 2004.

LoyalTee Club now has more than 29,000 members, which is increasing every year. Of the 29,000 members, 12,000 members have a handicap registration with this virtual LoyalTee Club. Also this number is growing explosively. More and more people want to register their handicap.

Level of Success

                                   +                                                                      -                                   
1) Good price/quality; for only €30,- for one year
    you get €10,- green fee discount on every
    BurgGolf course
2) Cooperation with 100 international golf courses
3) Good opportunity if you do not want to be a
    club member
4) Almost 5.000 extra members every year!
1) Only valid on 9 BurgGolf courses in the

What is included in the basic membership of the BurgGolf LoyalTee Club?
1. Your personal LoyalTee card
2. € 10,- green fee discount on all the 18 holes at BurgGolf (and € 7,50 at 9 holes)
3. Ability to make tee times reservations 9 days before (instead of 5 days before for green fee players)
4. Access to My BurgGolf to make reservations online for tee times and golf lessons
5. Participation on the LoyalTee Tour competitions
6. Up to 50% discount on more than 100 international golf courses
7. Weekly emails, LoyalTee Specials, with spectacular green fee offers
8. Monthly newsletter by email with more offers
9. Travel offers abroad
10. Free registration on My Golfsite, Hollands biggest online golf community
11. 50% discount on the green fee the day you pick up your LoyalTee Card
12. 25% discount on accommodation at the Hampshire Hotel Waterland

You can choose between the basic membership or the membership including your handicap registration for € 20,- extra each year. If you want to be a member of the LoyalTee Club, you can register on the BurgGolf website.   

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