Kwik Golf


Kwik Golf is great way to for non-golfers to try golf for the first time. It's also a fun and exciting game for experienced players. One of the great things about Kwik Golf is that anyone can play it almost anywhere. Either play the Long Game at a participating golf course near you or set up your own short game.

The aim of Kwik Golf is to get the ball in the unique over-sized holes as fast as you can, with teams playing against the clock. The unique scoring app and state of the art leader board technology leave participants wanting to go again and again to improve their score. Perfect for Junior Golfers, Schools, Parks, Team Building Events, Fundraisers and Unique Member Events.

How it works

Kwik Golf events can be run from 1-18 holes. However, the most popular course is made up of 3 holes and played in alternate shot-team format.

The Scoring App and Leaderboard is very user friendly. Every stroke dis 10 is points and every second is 1 point. The goal is to go as fast as you can with as few shots as possible.

Kwik Golf is not just golf-it is a physical game that gets you moving Kwik Golf Nation wants to expose children and adults to a life-long sport, get people moving to combat childhood obesity and adult inactivity and harness the power of technology to show improvement and results.

Level of Success

1. Can be played on any grassy area
2. it is fun, fast and friendly
3. Can be played by anyone

for more information visit Kwik Golf website



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