KWIK GOLF comes to Holland. Exclusive agreement with KIDS4GOLF


Kwik Golf is an unique way to create enthusiasm for the non-golfer to try golf for the first time. The British businessman Clive Metcalf (CEO/Founder) took this English concept to the United States where it was immediately excepted and endorsed by the USLPGA, NCYS and received the Presidential active life style award. This special form of golf has been a great success among countless children, whilst it also promotes physical activity.

Kwik Golf is played with teams of two children (or in combination with i.e. parents), who alternately hit the ball with the aim to get the ball in a specially made circular target as quickly as possible and with the least amount of strokes. (Referees keep time and count the total amount of strokes) The team with the least amount of points (1 point for each second, 10 points for each stroke) over the 3 or 6 holes win the match, the game is extremely basic and can be played with a minimum of instruction. It is being played with specially designed equipment, which is safe to use. Kwik Golf can be played on grass or artificial grass on an area of minimal 30 by 40meters.

In Holland Kwik Golf is introduced during the annual Olympic days an event for junior school children. This year the event takes place on the 20th and 21st of June under the auspices of the DMO (city of Amsterdam) Kids4Golf is a non‐profit organization who are since 2009 extremely successful in introducing the game of golf to junior golfers from 8 through 12 years, at no cost to the children." Kwik Golf ideal for schools, after school care, and special events" says Hein van Marken (founderKids4Golf) "especially since the game takes little time to learn and is a superb way to keep kids fit. This form of golf should be instantly accepted and experienced lots of fun, Kwik Golf has a huge potential in Holland. "

For more information go to or or contact Hein van Marken 0622569752

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