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Junior GolfClub is for everybody between from the age of 6 to 17 years old. So if you want to play golf, even if you are already advanced, just visit the Junior GolfClub with other children of your age.
It is totally free of charge if you want to become a member! In addition, GolfClub is for every level, and you can obtain a lot of discounts to play golf.
If you are a member of the Junior GolfClub, you will receive a newsletter every month with details of all kinds of interesting activities, discounts on lessons, children's parties, etc. Each year, there is also a summer camp, which you can only join if you are a member of the Junior Golf Club.

Background Details
The Junior GolfClub initiative was started in September 2010.

There are now (the first month) 160 members of the Junior GolfClub. This without any form of promotion for the Junior GolfClub. The expectation for winter 2010 is that the number of members of the Junior GolfClub will increase to about 750 to 1,000 members. The target for September 2011 is to have around 1,500 members.

Level of Success

                                   +                                                                      -                                   
1) Free to become a member of the Junior GolfClub
2) Profitability if the children become a private
    member when they are 21 years old
3) Contact with the children is frequent and
    very important 
1) Most of the contact is only via the internet; not


Members of the Junior GolfClub can also celebrate their party at BurgGolf! Members of Junior GolfClub receive discounts on normal prices. As a standard we have the following:
- Cake with lemonade on arrival
- Afterwards a delicious Junior Menu, including drinks
- 2 hour golf lesson with a golf professional

The price for the whole parcel is € 25,00 per person (minimum 8 children). One of the parents should be present as well during the party. Other possible  activities include:
- Baking pancakes
- Golf putting game
- Nintendo Wii Golf competition
- T-shirt with your own logo (design) and name
- Design your own golf ball
- Your friends with their photo on youra own golf ball
- Etc.

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