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Junior GolfCert is a seal of approval which marks a golf club's commitment to junior golf.

Junior GolfCert aims to reward and recognize those clubs attempting to increase the numbers of young people playing golf and that also provide a quality and fun experience. Clubs gaining accreditation clearly demonstrate a dedication to fostering the game at junior and beginner levels.

Junior GolfCert is based upon Golf Development Wales' strategy, d3 - which is based on the premise that golf has inherent values and characteristics which also help to develop personal life-skills in young people as they develop within the game - values, such as, honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect and concentration.

develop the golfer = develop the person = develop the sport

Background Details
The project originated in 2008, due to Golf Development Wales identifying that golf clubs needed to be recognized for their commitment to junior golf. Golf Development Wales and the Golf Union of Wales have developed this national standard for golf clubs to strive towards.

In total 38 golf clubs to date have achieved accreditation. Of the total amount of golf clubs, 10 golf clubs have achieved the ‘Standard' level of the award, with 28 golf clubs achieving the ‘Higher' level.

Investment in the scheme was minimal due to it being developed by GDW staff members. Annual costs are purely for the administration and the cost of the Junior Golfcert plaques, certificates and upkeep on the JuniorGolfGuide.org website.

Level of Success

                                   +                                                                      -                                  
1) Competitive; everyone wants to receive an 
2) Investment in the scheme was minimal
3) 23,90% of the total golf courses in Wales 
    received the award
1) The club must demonstrate key outcomes in
    5 key areas


The award is presented following the clubs completion of an application and evidence form.

The award covers 5 key areas which the clubs must demonstrate key outcomes:
- junior club structure
- junior recruitment, coaching and retention
- playing and competition
- coach / volunteer education and development
- good practice and child / adult welfare

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