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Clubmark is a national scheme that identifies and recognizes junior and beginner friendly golf facilities. Sport England's Clubmark is a cross-sport accreditation for sports clubs with junior sections. Clubmark is a national standard for quality sports clubs recognized across the country. More than 30 other sports, including tennis and rugby are also using the alliance to add value to their accreditation schemes and over 10,000 sports clubs have been awarded Clubmark or are working towards achieving accreditation.

The three key areas within the golf club which are assessed are:
• Coaching & Playing
• Club Environment (including sports equity & ethics)
• Child Protection & Duty of Care

Background Details
The GolfMark Award has been running since 2006 and is a national scheme aimed at clubs that are affiliated to the EGU/EWGA. As part of the EGU/EWGA GolfMark Award, once a golf club is awarded they will also be recognized by Sport England as a Clubmark facility.

Clubmark was introduced in 2002 by Sport England to:
• Ensure that accrediting partners apply core common criteria to ensure that consistent good practice and minimum operating standards are delivered through all club development and accreditation schemes.
• To empower parent(s)/carer(s) when choosing a club for their children.
• To ensure that Clubmark accredited clubs are recognized through a common approach to branding.
• To provide a focus around which all organizations involved in sport can come together to support good practice in sports clubs working with children and young people.

The award recognizes junior and beginner friendly golf facilities and currently we have 595 clubs working towards the award, and 377 clubs who have been awarded.

Key Statistics from the GolfMark survey to accredited golf clubs:
• 57% Have experienced an increased awareness/recognition of their facility in the local community
• 65% Have received recognition and support from current members/different sections of the club's membership
• 51% Have experienced an increase in membership
• 85% Have accessed funding/grants since achieving the award

Level of Success

                                   +                                                                      -                                    
1) Every golf club wants to have a GolfMark to 
    distinguish themselves 
2) Already 377 clubs who have been rewarded,
    which is 20,04% of the total golf courses in
3) Promotion, assistance and support of the EGU/
    EWGA once the club has rewarded
1) The golf courses have to meet certain 
    requirements before they have to be rewarded


Benefits for Golf Clubs:
• Recognition within the local community for the clubs' commitment to junior golf.
• Promotion via the EGU/EWGA websites.
• Assistance and input from an EGU/EWGA Regional Development Officer.
• A focused plan for the development of the junior section.
• Opportunity to review and improve policies and procedures.
• Well coached, committed and educated juniors who may become adult members of the future.
• A safer and more enjoyable environment for junior golf to flourish.
• Greater understanding about junior activities within the club by adult members.
• Support & guidance from an EGU/EWGA Regional Development Officer through finding workshops, sharing best practice, reviewing current policies and procedures, writing child welfare documentation and much, much more.

Benefits for Golfers:
• A structured environment in which to develop as a player and a person .
• A fun, enjoyable, welcoming environment.
• Access to appropriate levels of coaching and competition.
• To be part of a game that will teach them respect, social & life skills, discipline, honesty, integrity, motivation and much more.
• Creating a structured pathway into adult membership.

Benefits for Parents:
• Junior friendly clubs can be easily identified, assisting parents, especially those who do not play golf.
• Reassurance that the needs of children have been thoroughly considered and addressed.
• A safe and organized environment for their children.

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