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Golf Xtreme gives young people in secondary schools the chance to experience golf. As with Tri-Golf, there is a range of games and activity, as well as curriculum linked resources to help children develop their knowledge of the sport alongside key core tasks.
Golf Xtreme is the golf game and program for secondary schools that is related to the golf you see Tiger Woods play but is actually a completely new game for Young teenagers. Golf Xtreme combines some of the best parts of the traditional sport - hitting balls a long way at interesting targets - with scoring systems you can create yourself, team games which include everyone and keep you fit, and, important safety considerations for both teachers and pupils.
It's all designed with the 11 to 15 year old in mind - the boy and girl who's outgrown Tri-Golf. The vital requirement for the Golf Foundation in developing Golf Xtreme was to listen to and act on advice from teachers and Partnership Development Managers during the design, manufacture and testing of this innovative equipment, and to set this work beside an intelligent set of resources to help teachers deliver an innovative program. The result is one of the most exciting additions to the school sports scene for a long time.
Recognising that the young teenager can be difficult to please, Golf Xtreme will excite this pupil, lay the foundations of a good golf game, and keep him/her active end enthused. In turn, the Golf Foundation can train the teacher on every aspect needed to get the most out of this new idea in school sport.

Background Details
Following the proven success of Tri-Golf in the primary sector and its role in strengthening links between schools and golf clubs, many teachers, head teachers and Partnership Development Managers had asked the Golf Foundation's Regional Development Team what golfing initiatives might be available in the secondary school sector. Many young people were being introduced to golf in primary schools through Tri-Golf but as soon as they moved to the secondary school little was available to them.
In order to avoid some good foundations going to waste a number of secondary schools had designed and started to implement their own golf projects but struggled to find appropriate equipment and resources to deliver the sport successfully. Something new was needed, fresh enough to appeal to the young golfer but backed up by established school sports principles. The Golf Foundation worked with educational experts from schools and colleges and with its manufacturing partners Davies Sports and the result is Golf Xtreme - ready for action and on general release to schools in Spring 2006.

The latest DCSF School Sport Survey (2009) showed that the number of schools delivering golf has trebled in 5 years, making golf one of the fastest growing sports in schools. This rapid growth in golf is no accident. In that year period, the Golf Foundation has trained over 15.000 teachers, volunteers and coaches to deliver adapted versions of golf in the school setting via the Tri-Golf, Golf Xtreme and Junior Golf Leaders workshops.

Level of Success

                                   +                                                                       -                                  
1) The number of schools delivering golf has
    trebled in 5 years!
2) A good second step after Tri-Golf  
3) Safety; reduced flight balls
4) Lighter, child-friendly clubs
1) Pay attention to the fun and challenge! Take
    care this remains, else it will be boring for
    this target group


Just as with Tri-Golf, equipment will again be distributed by Davies Sports, making it easy for schools to access all Golf Xtreme product. Bags are delivered with all the equipment you need such as lighter, child-friendly clubs and reduced flight balls to ensure maximum safety on school sites with surrounding property/limited space. The delivery of the program to children will be through games and activities that help develop the skills of young people in a fun structure.

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