Golf Camps

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Golf camps are most of all a vacation, fun, instructive and unforgettable for children. At golf camps, playing golf is the central theme. The days and evenings are filled with exciting activities.
The camps are intended for boys and girls from the age of 9 to 17 years. The children do not need a golf license. However, in consultation with Rob Mouwen they can obtain a golf license during the week. So even if you have not played golf before, you are more than welcome!

Background Details
Since 2009, the youth golf camps are organized for children from the age of 9 - 17 years. This initiative come into existence as an extension of tennis camps organized by Rob Mouwen in the past.

The main four weeks in the summer are especially successful. The participants per week vary from 15 participants up to a maximum of 23 participants per week.

Level of Success

                                    +                                                                     -                                 
1) For children a week with a lot of fun and a 
    great experience
2) Opportunity to obtain a golf license 
1) A lot to organize (golf course,
    program, facilities, F&B, etc) 

Attendees are expected on Monday morning between 10.00hrs and 11.00hrs. Maximum of 23 children. Program:
* Swing training on the driving range
* Golf lessons on the course, the best place to learn playing golf
* A putting clinic
* Receiving your golf license
* The children are classified by age and golf level (handicap)

Recreation program:
* Various games in the forest
* Movie evening
* GPS walking-tour
* Visit to an amusement park
* Outdoor Laser Combat
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