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Welcome to Golf Advantage Card, the new national golf loyalty program designed to get golfers playing more golf.

The Golf Advantage Card is aimed at providing clubs with the opportunity to communicate with today's pay and play golfers, whilst encouraging them to play more golf and nurturing them as club members of the future.

Golf Advantage Card will offer cardholders exclusive offers, discounts and added value deals at participating clubs, encouraging today's modern golfers to get out and play. The new Golf Advantage Card program puts the important people at the centre - you, the golf club! It is free for you to be part of. All you have to do is register your interest and create your offers knowing that you are always in control!

Background Details
The Golf Advantage Card is endorsed by the English Golf Union and the Golf Union of Wales.

Currently (November 2010) there have 356 golf clubs signed up to Golf Advantage program - it will be launching to consumers in the new year.
"More than half of non members (54%) said they would be interested in a 'golfers' loyalty scheme if one were introduced nationwide" (Source: EGU Golf Research 2009. IFM Sports Marketing Surveys).

Level of Success

                                   +                                                                      -                                  
1) Good network of partner websites
2) Access to a readymade online golf audience 
3) Very good communication with today's pay
    and play golfers through this card
4) Totally for free
5) 356 golf clubs have already signed in
1) You have to register your interest 

Why should I sign my club up to Golf Advantage Card?
The Golf Advantage Card provides clubs with a host of benefits and opportunities to promote golf at their clubs. The program will be centrally marketed online through the Golf Advantage Card website which will feature all participating clubs and their offers. Golfers will be able to buy Golf Advantage cards, search for clubs, offers and book online.

A network of partner websites marketing the Golf Advantage Card will also be promoting participating clubs and their offers. By registering to be part of Golf Advantage Card your club gets direct access to a readymade online golf audience.

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