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Get Golf Ready is an industry-wide adult player development program that has two main goals:
1.) Bring new golfers into the game in a fast, fun and gratifying way
2.) Bring former golfers back into the game

The objective is to deliver a consistent Get Golf Ready experience at a reasonable and attractive price for adult consumers from coast-to-coast, where they will learn the game through a series of group lessons and transition to on-going playing opportunities. By participating in this program, students will be well on their way to becoming bona fide golfers with an appreciation for the history, rules and etiquette of the game.

Background Details
Get Golf Ready was created under the direction of the World Golf Foundation's GOLF 20/20 initiative as a nationally branded program to expand golf's participant base by providing education and instruction at existing golf facilities throughout the country. Get Golf Ready is also Play Golf America's 2009 featured program.

Results 2009:
With more than 1.130 certified facilities, Get Golf Ready exceeded expectations by more than 60 percent. Of the certified facilities, 69 percent were public, and 19 percent were private.
Based on 699 facilities reporting in September
- More than 17.000 students have gone through Get Golf Ready Group Lesson programs
- An average of 25 students per facility
- 86 percent of the students were new or former golfers
- 61 percent were women
- 25 percent were minorities
- 82 percent came back to the range
- 76 percent had played at least one round by September

These targeted efforts helped produce significant results. Based on 699 facilities reporting in September:
- 82 percent came back to the range
- 76 percent had played at least one round by September

Level of Success
                                   +                                                                      -                                   
1) The actual lesson plan
2) Build up enjoyment very quick
3) Each lesson with a PGA Professional
4) Graduate outings
5) Decades of partners
6) High profitability 
1) An average of 25 students per facility, relatively
    seen is this participation rate not very high
2) Only for adults 
3) Prices vary by facility

Program Elements
The offering of an affordable five-lesson group instruction package under the title of Get Golf Ready at a price of $99 per person, which includes on-course activities during each of the five lessons.
A detailed curriculum is provided in the Program Manual. It is recommended the flow of instruction of skills begin on the putting green and work back to the teeing ground. The fifth lesson would conclude with students playing 1-2 holes with on-course instruction.
On-course playing experiences in a casual yet structured setting using fun, skill enhancement formats designed to get people comfortable with playing and meeting golfers of similar abilities. PGA/LPGA Professionals and their best customers will also serve as on-course mentors to help guide new golfers around the course. Best practices and suggested formats will be in the Program Manual.
Get Golf Ready Graduate outings should be offered on an on-going basis throughout the season, where golfers pay for each session, with greens fees and the number of holes offered varied by facility.

Manual Get Golf Ready
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