Fun Factory

Fun Factories are organized on national a level and are supported by the Dutch Golf Federation. Anybody can register for the Fun Factories.
The Fun Factories are aimed at the most enthusiastic children between the ages of 5 - 12 years of golf unions. Accompanied by NGF-professionals, a maximum of 42 children per afternoon take part in 10 golf games a course. Games are conducted in groups of 6 persons. To experience golf as a fun, pleasant and varied (team)sport, the children will have an unforgettable afternoon. Children can join the Fun Factories as often as they want.
Targets of the Fun Factories by the NGF:
- To organize NGF-activities for the youngest and most enthusiastic young members of golf clubs
- Promotion ‘golf is fun'
- Exchanging youth and golf clubs
- Exchanging ‘club leaders'
This all with the main objective to spread awareness of golf amongst young people.

Background Details
The idea came from the Dutch Golf Federation to introduce golf to children by playing golf games. The First Factory started in 2002.

Each year about 10 to 15 events are organized. On average there are 50 participants at each event. This number has been steady over the last 6 years.

Level of Success

                                   +                                                                         -                                  
1) Low entry barriers
2) Free to participate
3) Easy and fun games for every child 
1) For children of 5 - 12 of golf unions
2) The golf club needs to prove they adhere 
    to the conditions set by the NGF

It is possible to organize a Fun Factory at your golf club, the NGF will arrange for an experienced PGA professional to come to you, totally free of charge.

To be considered for this ‘free' Fun Factory you need to prove as a golf club that you meet with  the following conditions:
- You are able to verify the intention to gather as many new young members as possible
- Guarantee  participation of at least 50 children
- Registration at the golf club
- The availability of 10 volunteers to help with the Fun Factory and co-ordination of the  games
- The costs of drinks and snacks will be taken care of by the golf club

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