Flight 4 Friends

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flight 4 friends

Flight4Friends is a great opportunity to invite 3 friends and play golf with them at BurgGolf. Just enter a flight and enjoy a round of golf with your friends.

Background Details
The initiative Flight 4 Friends was started in July 2010 at BurgGolf.

Since it began in July 2010, about 150 flights for Flight 4 Friends have been booked. On average a flight exists or 3 people, with a total of 450 participants for this initiative since it began.

Level of Success
                                  +                                                                      -                                   
1) Good price/quality combination
2) Idea is to play with friends

1) Not very profitable
2) Not many participants taking advantage of it 
3) Only for LoyalTee members

The prices below are based on complete flights (four persons):
- 9 holes € 22,50 per person (€ 90,00 for one flight)
- 18 holes € 37,50 per person (€ 150,00 for one flight)

Reservations can be made, at a BurgGolf course of your choice:
- From Monday to Friday
- On the weekend and on holidays after 15.00 hours

This arrangement is only valid for LoyalTee members.

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