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Firstgolf is committed to creating the stepping stones to allow more people to join the game of golf and develop their skills. Firstgolf can guide, offer advice and implement a strategy in a commercial environment, while maintaining the integrity of the game.

The people behind Firstgolf care deeply about helping others to discover, enjoy and stay in the game. In various roles as custodians of the game, Firstgolf will strive to practically and economically build the link to the next generation of golfers where is no discrimination on age, gender, race or ability.

Background Details
The inspiration of Gill Wilson and Howard Swan, Firstgolf is a group of people with the expertise, drive and passion to deliver on all aspects of expanding the game - architectural design, golf course management and equipment, training programs and academies and access to education.

Firstgolf works closely with the Golf Foundation, a charity established to develop children's golf, and their Tri-Golf and Golf Xtreme systems. Firstgolf also collaborates with the R&A, FEGGA and Grow Golf to roll out facilities.

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Level of Success

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1) New innovative approach
2) Good to get some advice on how to allow more
    people to join the game of golf
1) You have to 'change' the lay-out of the course

What is a Firstgolf course?
Needing nothing more than an area of open space, a Firstgolf course is a simple ‘mow ou' that can be prepared at a golf club by the green keeping staff, at a school by the children and their teachers as part of their PE, land management or technical studies curriculum, and at a community field, township or public open spaces by volunteers.

Featuring portable hazards, bunkers and trees to accommodate different players, a design element can be transferred from the classroom to the course.

The space required varies from approx one hectare for three holes, to two-three hectares for six holes and five hectares for nine holes on a flattish and grassed field. In hot climates a ‘brown' course is perfectly feasible.

Article: FIRSTGOLF - accessible, affordable, sustainable,
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