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The De Vere Club is a totally different kind of golf club. It comes recommended by the PGA and is backed by all of De Vere's golfing experience. We've run more Ryder Cups than anyone else and our fabulous courses have hosted top European Main Tour and Senior Tour events and hundreds of other competitions. So becoming a member really will change the way you play golf. Forever.

Join The De Vere Club and you become a member of 11 spectacular golf clubs with 16 courses instead of just the usual one.

Background Details
De Vere Club is part of the De Vere Hotels, Resorts and Venues.

`Over 2500 golfers have signed up to the initiative in its first seven months, surpassing De Vere's expectations and validating the decision to create an innovative and forward thinking program which can cater to golfers needs throughout the UK´ (Golf Business News, November 2010).

Level of Success

                                  +                                                                      -                                    
1) The profit of begin a member of more than
    one golf course
2) Simple and clear system
3) Very good company reputation/name 
1) High entry barriers; 295 pounds is a lot of


When you join De Vere Club, you pick the club you want as your ‘home' club. And for the Membership fee of just £295 you not only get to play there, but also at any of our other fabulous clubs throughout the UK. And if that wasn't different enough, here's the truly unique bit: once you've joined, you will receive 100 DeVere points. You then use these to pay for your golf fees throughout the year. A round of 18 holes start from only 2 points, so that's plenty of golf covered by your membership. And you can always top them up. You can also use your points to bring along your friends, if you like. For the £295, you will get a genuinely ‘full' membership in every sense of the word.

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