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Clubgolf is Scotland's national junior golf development program. Launched in 2003 on the Scottish Government's pledge to create an opportunity for every child in Scotland to experience golf, the program is now well established and growing every year
At the heart of Clubgolf are four strategic objectives:
• The opportunity for every child in Scotland to experience golf by the time they are 9-years-old
• A coaching workforce at the heart of junior golf in Scotland capable of supporting the demand from children who want to play golf
• More children playing golf and more junior golf club members
• A broader and better coached pool of players from which more talented golfers will emerge
Clubgolf emerged as part of Scotland's successful bid to host the Ryder Cup in 2014 and has been developed under a partnership between the Scottish Golf Union, Scottish Ladies' Golfing Association, the Professional Golfers' Association, the Golf Foundation and sportscotland.

The aim of Clubgolf is to create a development pathway from entry level through to the highest levels of achievement, enabling increased access to golf, higher participation levels, improved standards of performance, and sustained growth in the future.

Background Details
Part of Scotland's successful Ryder Cup bid, Clubgolf was born out of the Scottish Government's pledge to introduce every child in Scotland to golf by age nine.

Clubgolf provides leadership, direction and support for the development of junior golf in Scotland.

In 2006, Clubgolf Scotland Limited (CSL) was established to deliver Clubgolf. Each of the partners is represented on the CSL Board. The partners are the Scottish Golf Union, Scottish Ladies Golfing Association, The Professional Golfers' Association, The Golf Foundation and sportscotland.

With core funding from the Scottish Government, and additional input from the strategic partners, Clubgolf is also supported by many of Scotland's leading golfers including Alastair Forsyth, Colin Montgomerie, Paul Lawrie, Kathryn Imrie, Catriona Matthew and Clare Queen.
Continued involvement and support from the partners, and from other key stakeholders (including the R&A, European Tour, Ryder Cup Ltd, local and national government and associated agencies) is vital to the ongoing success of Clubgolf.

Since its launch in 2003 Clubgolf has seen around 140,000 children introduced to golf at school. In 2009, 38,784 nine year olds participated in the introductory game firstclubgolf, and 273 Clubgolf centre's delivered coaching in structured programs to 10,436 children.

The early stages of these programs depend on a large volunteer workforce, and 1,264 volunteer coaches, trained and qualified through the PGA Coach Education System, actively coached in 2009.

Key achievements
In 2009, Clubgolf is well on its way to achieving its targets. Achievements to date include:
* A strategic commitment to golf in school in 31 of Scotland's 32 local authorities
* More than 38,000 P5 children receiving golf in school in 2009
* More than 1,400 active volunteer coaches
* 273 golf clubs and facilities delivering the Clubgolf program
* More than 10,000 children expected in club coaching programs in 2009

Level of Success

                                   +                                                                      -                                  
1) Supported by various PGA Professionals
    (Colin Montgomery, etc)
2) 50,95% of the total number of golf courses
    in Scotland is delivering the program
3) Very good participation by schools, clubs,
    volunteers, children, etc
4) Continued involvement and support from the
    partners and stakeholders
1) A lot of active volunteer coaches are

Clubgolf delivery consists of four stages which form part of the Scottish Golf player pathway. Clubgolf regional staff work in partnership with local authorities and Active Schools to deliver the introductory stage firstclubgolf, and with golf clubs and facilities to deliver the three stages which comprise the Clubgolf core skills program.

Clubgolf offers recommended equipment, coaching materials and ongoing support to participating centre's. Our inclusive approach means we also work with golf clubs and facilities that offer or promote other development programs that deliver against Clubgolf goals and fit with the player pathway.

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