Buddy Tournaments

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The 9 hole Buddy competition is a concept which is increasing in popularity in Holland. Delfland Golf Club has done a great job in introducing and implementing this idea. The format encourages new golfers to play the course and get rid of their inhibitions. Three amateur players get to play with a buddy (experienced golfer) who guides you through the game with emphasis on rules, etiquette and your technique. New golfers can enjoy the game without the fear of being criticised for their inexperience.


Helen Ried who is the head pro at the golf club started this concept for new players to make their transition from the driving range to the course.


Two buddy tournaments played:

October  - 55 players

November  - 75 players

Next tournament is in January where they expect a larger number



Gives the new player confidence to play on the course
You have a buddy who can guide you on course for the mistakes you make
Social bonding and binding between inexperienced players (they usually lack fellow players because they are new to the game)
Passing on the values of the game in an informal way (between established and newcomers)


Players may continue playing buddy tournaments and not move on


The competition is played in groups of four in a scramble format whereby everyone tees off and the best ball is chosen for everyone to play again from. This process continues till the ball is holed. Three holes are chosen on the course for prizes to be won which could be best putt, bunker shot and closest to pin on a par 3.

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