American Express Women's Golf Month

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American Express Women's Golf Month is designed to make learning and playing golf fun in a women-friendly environment while attracting and retaining new golfers.

New for 2010, June will be the focal month to celebrate golf and the year-long events and activities that make golf a great sport and recreation for women. The focus is on consumer events in June as well as promoting existing programs that are taking place throughout the year.

Background Details
American Express Women's Golf Month is part of the PGA of America's Play Golf America initiative. It is lead by the Executive Women's Golf Association (EWGA), LPGA, National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA), and PGA of America. PGA/LPGA Professional Suzy Whaley, LPGA Tour and World Golf Halls of Fame member Nancy Lopez, and world-renowned fitness expert and philanthropist, Donna Richardson Joyner are the American Express Women's Golf Month Spokeswomen Team for 2009.

Results of the American Express Women´s Golf Month 2010:
- National promotions:
  o Facilities: 1.435
  o Average golfers per facility site: 48.7
  o Median incremental sales per facility: $6.110
- Consumer Profiles:
  o New consumers: 50%
  o New golfers/beginners: 38%
  o Men/women/juniors: 7%, 85%, 8%
- Business generators; consumer retention rates following promotions:
  o Instruction: 25%
  o Tee times: 35%
  o Equipment: 20%
  o Leagues: 16%
  o Memberships: 6%

`In June, more than 1.200 facilities participated in Women´s Golf Month. Host operators provide an opportunity and venue for guests to learn, re-learn or play golf in a fun and friendly environment. Since it's premiere in 2005 as Women's Golf Week, the event has introduced or reintroduced in excess of 135.000 people to the game' (Golf Business Magazine, September 2010).

'Play Golf America estimates that 52 percent of those who took part in Women's Golf Month will return to the course throughout the year (Golf Business Magazine, September 2010).

Level of Success

                                   +                                                                        -                                 
1) Almost 70.000 participating golfers in 2010
2) Estimate that 52% of the participants will return
    to the course throughout the year
3) More than 1.400 participating facilities
4) National promoted
1) Only focused on women
2) 7,75% of the total golf courses in America is
    participating the program; an opportunity
    to get more courses into the program

Each golf course is required to offer at least one free clinic for women over the age of 14. Some golf courses go so far as to host luncheons and networking receptions, hold rules seminars, put on fashion shows and offer free on-course playing lessons.

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