150 Club

The 150 Club, is a nine-hole tournament from 150-yard marker. Over 200 women participate in 2 shotguns. The 150 Club has its own membership fee, opening luncheon, officers and special scorecard. Now women can play the 150-yard course any day. Even the men are excited that their wives are finally playing golf.

Background Details
The idea of the 150 Club initiative came from Jason Whitehall at Cimarron Golf Club.

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Level of Success

                                   +                                                                       -                                   
1) Low entry barriers, by making the course
2) The shorter course saves time
3) Very easy to organize and implement on the
1) After a while the short course will be boring
    and not challenging anymore

The golf club needs to organize the following things:
- Placing tees on 150 yards distance to the hole
- Making special scorecards
- A few officers
- Luncheon for the participants

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